Solar : Weather

Solar : Weather for iPhone

A cool, minimalist weather app for iOS

Solar presents the weather in a sleek and fresh way on your mobile.

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  • Beautiful design
  • Intuitive interface
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    Solar presents the weather in a sleek and fresh way on your mobile.

    What sets Solar apart?

    Solar is designed for people who love design. They aren't flashy graphics or battery draining animations; there's just beautiful colorscapes and the ocassional rain or snow animation which fall based on the way you are holding your phone. As the day progresses, the color scheme changes with the top of the screen reflecting the shades of the sky and the botton of the screen showing colors above the horizon. For just being a weather app, it's incredibly stylish yet subtle

    The most impressive feature of Solar is its 24-hour forecast. Scrolling up displays the change in weather down to the minute. As you scroll up, the color scheme seemlessly changes between light and dark shades adding another elegant visual touch to the app. 

    Solar also has a whole bunch of ways for you to share the weather (if you are into that sort of thing) including Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.

    How to use Solar

    Using Solar is easy, but at first it can be tricky to figure out all the options available. Right off the bat it pulls your GPS data to give you local weather. Adding other cities is easy: simply swipe right on the screen and enter the city name.

    Swiping down and holding brings up a three-day forecast. Swiping up cycles through the 24-hour forecast. Double-tapping returns you to the home screen which has all your saved cities.

    Beautiful weather

    Who knew that a weather app could be one of the most elegant and stylish programs on the market? Aside from all its beauty, Solar : Weather is an excellent weather app displays the weather in a creative and easy-to-use way.

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